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Relieve Nagging Pain with Our Expert Help

Put an end to stinging jaw pain with care and treatment from TMJ Specialists Los Angeles. We specialize in a variety of treatments for TMJ pain, including night guards, myofascial release therapy, and occlusal therapy. These treatments help eliminate agonizing discomfort in the jaw and other areas around the mouth, allowing patients to live free of pain. We are located in Los Angeles, and treat patients throughout Southern California.

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Jaw Pain

Experience relief from pain caused by headaches, sleep apnea, teeth clenching, teeth grinding, jaw clicking, or jaw popping. We offer treatment for all conditions that cause TMJ (temporomandibular joint) discomfort. From injections into the joints to custom night guards, we help reduce the soreness considerably, allowing you to live pain free.

Another form of treatment we offer is myofascial release therapy. This treatment helps alleviate discomfort by applying gentle pressure to the jaw, mouth, neck, or head. We also provide injections for additional pain relief.

Because myofascial release therapy is a natural pain-relief procedure, you do not need to take prescription pain medication. We provide patients with home care instructions so they know how to prevent the pain from getting worse.

Dental Trauma

We offer occlusal therapy to relieve the pain caused by a chipped tooth, teeth grinding, or teeth damaged in an accident. Occlusal therapy realigns your jaw joint, restoring your bite to its original form and significantly reducing any discomfort.