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Soreness in your jaw is just a distant memory with treatment from Jacob Elisha, D.D.S., an expert in TMJ pain. He specializes in treating jaw discomfort using a variety of methods, including night guards, muscle injections, myofascial release therapy, and occlusal therapy. Each one of these treatments targets the pain and eliminates it entirely. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get rid of your soreness.


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About Jacob Elisha, D.D.S.

Dr. Jacob Elisha is a highly-regarded, UCLA-trained, and Board-Certified periodontist with more than 30 years of clinical experience. This certification is only awarded to periodontists who have made significant achievements beyond the mandatory educational requirements of their specialty.

Dr. Elisha has successfully treated thousands of patients with TMJ Head & Neck pain. He starts with a detailed TMJ Head & Neck Examination. That is followed by a complete treatment plan. All aspects of the TMJ and Head Neck Muscles will be addressed and treatment planned at your initial consultation visit. He employes the latest technologies to deliver the best results and get you back on track with a pain-free life.

Live a Pain Free Life

"The Dental Implant Team is dedicated to providing the absolute best care to each of our patients and ensuring that you feel right at home with our staff. Utilizing the latest advances in TMJ Diagnois and treatemnt technology, the Dr. Jacob Elisha assures each patient a precise and successful treatment. Working together, we can help you achieve a pain free life."

- Jacob Elisha, D.D.S.


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